who am I ?

My name is Nathalie Ayesha Tappin and I am an illustrator, painter, graphic designer and food lover from the Netherlands.  After being born in Barbados and toddling in Seattle, I grew up in Rotterdam, where my mother kept a gallery. This exposed me to the Arts 
from the age of five onwards.  Influences of these artists can still be found in my work such as work from Leo de Jong, Ilene Themen and Carlos Blaaker. 


During and after my Creative Communication studies in Rotterdam I enjoyed thinking in creative concepts but I still wanted to get my hands dirty. So I went on to complete the Orientation Year of the  Rietveld Academy (art school) in  Amsterdam, where I  further developed my own painting and drawing style.

When I paint or draw I almost never try to get a perfect line. I love it when it's just not right and somehow this brings my drawings and painting alive. I often just like to  start with a pencil or a pen.   I am also a big watercolor fan. Later on the process I digitalize my artwork and you can still see that the work has a personal feeling but more clear and you can play around with colors and change loads of stuff!


My style is edgy, funky, different playful and often with humor.


technique: ink, pencils, crayons, watercolor, acrylic, collage whatever I can find : )



Please contact me if you need an illustrator!

Thanks for reading this anyhow.